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Lu Xun (September 25, 1881 October 19, 1936), one of the major Chinese writers of the 20th century. Considered by many to be the leading figure of modern Chinese literature, he wrote in baihua (白话) (the vernacular) as well as classical

Lu Xun (1881.9.251936.10.19) Lu Xun weeks Zhangshou, word Yu shan,ater renamed Zhou Shuren, the word Yu, Zhejiang Shaoxing.

Lu Xun Lives in People's heart Lu Xun died 65 years ago, but his literature and thought still receive great attention and his popularity appears unlikely to die out.“His works do not belong only to one nation, but are of global value,'' Feng Tie, a


As it is known to us all ,LuXun is a famous Chinese writer.He is not only a writer,thinker,but also the founder of Chinese Literature .He wrote many classic (经典的)novels and his stories,which are translated many languages,were made into film,

The great man in my heart is lu xun.Lu xun was born in 1881 in shaoxing, zhejiang province a wealthy family, parents named parents Zhou Zhangshou.Lu xun left his hometown to study in nanjing, 1898 changed its name to zhou shuren.In 1902 he

Name: Lu Xun Date of birth: 25 September 1881 Place of birth: Shaoxing,Zhejiang Province,China Lu Xun is the famous writer,thinker and revolutionaries who had contribution to the world literature a lots. Lu Xun was go to Nanjing pursuing his

Zhou Lu Xun's original name,is one of China's well-known writer,born in Zhejiang in 1881,when 21-year-old to go to Japan to study and started writing in May 1909,October 19,1936 Shanghai diedShort-

lu xun, was the pen name of zhou shuren(september 25, 1881 october 19, 1936), born in shaoxing town, zhejiang province, is one of the major chines writers of the 20th century in china. considered by many to be the founder of modern chinese

鲁迅(原名:周树人)(1881年9月25日-1936年10月19日),中国近现代最伟大的文学家、思想家和革命家,鲁迅的精神被称为中华民族魂,并且他是中国现代文学的奠基人.他是浙江绍兴人(祖籍河南省正阳县),原名周樟寿、字豫山.母亲鲁瑞、父亲周伯宜.后改字为豫才,1898年去南京求学时改名周树人.鲁迅(周树人)是大哥 ,周作人是老二.周建人是老三(即风筝里的弟弟).“鲁迅”是他1918年为《新青年》写稿时开始使用的笔名,从此成为世人最崇敬的笔名.鲁迅是中国近现代最伟大的文学家、思想家和革命家也是世界上最有成就的作家之一. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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