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题中的“十五夜”,结合三、四两句来看,应指中秋之夜.诗题,《全唐诗》作《十五夜望月寄杜郎中》.杜郎中,名不详.在唐代咏中秋的篇什中,这是较为著名的一首. “中庭地白树栖鸦”.月光照射在庭院中,地上好象铺了一层霜雪.

According to the customer situation, makes the detailed plan bookusual plan book content usually to be able to include, the customerenterprise introduced, the

Because I had 10 days holiday, just saw your mail. The sample you mentioned in the email we can arrange, but need the sample charge USD 15 / pair, please make sure to pay the sample charge, we will arrange to make sample for you soon.

Please make enough room for the spare parts in the storage room. reduce the forklift picking time, improve the work efficiency, and reduce the possibility of damage.

On the dissolution of the crystallization process, were inspected and dissolved out agent rate of seed, and seed time, seed size on product ion content of impurities, such as crystal size of the target effects, thereby HEDP Analysis of the crystallization solution Process of optimization.

Mr.: A series of shipments of machinery parts, has been received today. Unfortunately, these parts of the specifications and contract inconsistent with t

Due to the long-term and high-frequency use, X1 and X2 often fails to work. They take a lot of time to carry out maintenance, coupled with the aging of the devices on the forklift performance degradation, as a result, seriously affected the efficiency of the operators' performance.

No sales activies of any kind are allowed in the Square without permission from our company. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hello!Verypleasedtohavetheopportunityofcooperationwithyourcompany,wewilldoforyourcompanytoprovidequalityservice.Thequotationsyouquotedthecommutator ,either17%valueaddedtax.Ifnot,pleasewriteorcalltoinform,willbesetback.Thankyou,andShunwishtofelicity!

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