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求首歌,女生唱的,有句歌词是oh yE oh no oh my g...

你看看这是不是这个!baby Justin Bieber 歌词Ohh wooaah (3x)You know you love me,I know you careYou shout whenever, And I'll be thereYou want my love, You want my heartAnd we will never ever ever be apartAre we an item? Girl quit

mariah carey《i still believe》

歌名:《爱你在心口难开》 歌词: woh -- woh -- yeah -- yeah I love you more than I can say I'll love you twice as much tomorrow I love you more than I can say woh -- woh -- yeah -- yeah I'll miss you every single day why must my life be filled with sorrow

【【有oh的好听的英文歌】】你试一试下面的!!中国娃娃 嗨歌--oh! oh! oh!'britney spears(布兰妮)-Till The World EndsChange金泫雅One Direction--What Makes You BeautifulOwl City、Carly Rae Jepsen--Good Time舞曲--Rise And

歌曲:see ya歌手:atomic kitten专辑:《right now》歌词:yeah,yeah,yeah,oohoh,babyyeah,yeah,yeahcheck it out now,oohbaby,check it out nowi've been looking and been searching,oh babyfor the one who'll be true(oh,yeah,ooh)and i thought that

Big big world 艾薇儿

-= Micky Green《 Oh! 》=-Ouuuuuuuh ouh ouuuuuuuh ouhOuuuuuuuh ouh ouuuuuuuh ouhI don't think you realiseDon't think that you recognizeJust how much you mean to meAnd that you make me so happyI wish that you were happy tooBecause it

Gino Vannelli My My It's A Miracle ?My oh my it's a miracleGood morning loveRise and shineIt's a beautiful dayAnd i feel fineCome watch the sun light the skyAnd sip a coffee you and iWon't you give us a kiss nowPerchance a little moreNo don't

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends[Britney Spears - Verse 1]This Kitten Got Your Tong Tied In Knots I SeeSpit It Out Cuz Im Dying For CompanyI Notice That You Got ItYou Notice That I Want ItYou Know That I Can Take It To The Next Level Ba-by!

歌名:bad romance歌手:lady gagaoh-oh-oh-oh-ooohoh-oh-oooh-oh-ohcaught in a bad romanceoh-oh-oh-oh-ooohoh-oh-oooh-oh-ohcaught in a bad romancerah-rah-ah-ah-ahrrum-mu-rrum-mum-mahgaga-oo-la-lawant your bad romancerah-rah-ah-

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