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Thanks for helping me out.

My Difficulties in Learning English There have been many difficulties in learning English during the past …… years, but I managed to overcome them and made much progress. The spelling and meaning of words can be said to be the first difficulty I

谢谢你为我做了那么多,以后我会好好珍惜你的.thank you for your having done so much for me, later i will cherish you.

Thank you for helping me when I was in trouble.感谢你在我有困难的时候帮助我

1.mother asked Tom when he get home? 2.When did you do the homework? hungry?Do you drink a cup of milk? when did you go to bed? 3.He tod me he will come here after two weeks. 4.He angrily told the children not to play in front of his house 5.

She is a good-hearted person, she is a kind person, she is the person who give me a seat on the bus, she is the person I want to say thank you. That is a floating snow over the weekend, I and my grandma go out to play took the bus to go home.

Thank you for helping me finish solving the problem.望采纳!谢谢!

You have all right, you leave for a month, now I miss you so much, I thank you has the difficulty when me to help me very much to solve the difficulty, I will try to learn English, I hope you come to China again when it is convenient, I will always welcome you..

接开头 ever had this thing made me tremble with fear in one's boots. In my small time, once, I go to work where to play mother. At noon, after lunch, I be light of heart from care to walk in the street,

thank you for your coming to help me.

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