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On My Mind (Jax Jones Remix) - Ellie GouldingIt's a little dirty how the whole thing startedI don't even really know what you intendedThought that you were cute and you could make me jealousPoured it down so I poured it downNext thing that I know I'

歌名:《mi mi mi》演唱:serebro所属专辑:《mi mi mi》歌词:Mimimimimimimi咪咪咪Mimimi only mimi咪咪咪,只有咪咪Mimimimimimimi咪咪咪Mimimi sexy me咪咪咪性感的我Mimimimimimimi咪咪咪Mimimi only mimi咪咪咪,只有咪咪

1. 《hero》 mariah carey,经典声音,不解释.2. 《hero》 enrique iglesias,西班牙著名流行音乐男歌手.3. 《hey jude》 孙燕姿,她的翻唱版本,挺好听的.4. 《heartbeats》 amy diamond ,节奏较轻缓,绝对好听!5. 《he's a pirate 》 加勒

Time in a Bottle - Jim CroceIf I could save time in a bottleThe first thing that I'd like to doIs to save every day till eternity passes awayJust to spend them with youIf I could make days last foreverIf words could make wishes come trueI'd save every day

不哭了 - by2 词:吴振豪 /吴剑泓 /王帅/ mr.mars 曲:吴振豪 听着听着又哭了 朋友口中听说你和她的 窗外天空失眠了 星星还孤单的闪着 原来我最执着的 竟是你从来都不在乎的 放开手 天突然亮了 不哭了 不哭了 现在我 一个人 不哭了 看着你 最爱

erscheint部分歌词如下:Oh i know it so predictable,我深知它如此可期,Yes i know,我深信不疑,It seems misplicable,这段感情或许被旁人误解(mistakable),As long as me and u know that we'll always see it through,只要你我坚信 我们总

Do-re-mi 歌手:Sound Of Music(音乐之声) Let's start at the very beginning A very good place to start When you read you begin with A-B-C When you sing you begin with do-re-mi Do-re-mi, do-re-mi The first three notes just happen to be Do-re-

I'm Not The Only One - Sam SmithYou and me we made a vowFor better or for worseI can't believe you let me downBut the proof is in the way it hurtsFor months on end I've had my doubtsDenying every tearI wish this would be over nowBut I know that

歌名:MI MI MI歌手:SerebroMimimimimimimiMimimi only mimiMimimimimimimiMimimi sexy miHush now!I can, motherocker give u complete bliss!I got your ?Wow wow!?Look at my bottom, give it a kiss?I am so super pupper drupper,I?m the front

是不是Sting的shape of my heart?Sting<shape of my heart>中文翻译 He deals the cards as a meditation 他出牌前沉思冥想 And those he plays never suspect 对出的每一张牌都很有把握 He doesn't play for the money he wins 他不是为了赢钱而玩

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