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作为名词 1 交换,交流,互换 an exchange of glances Would you like my old TV in exchange for this camera? 用我的旧电视机换这架照相机,你愿意吗? 2交谈,对话;争论 There was only time for a brief exchange. 只有简短的交谈时间. 3兑换

exchange with的中文解释:动词解释有以下几种:与交换 相关短语:a course of exchange n.兑换率 a par of exchange 汇兑牌价,外汇平价 arbitration of exchange 汇兑套利,银行买进与卖出之间的差价 athletic exchange 体育交流 bill of

应该是 exchange sth with sb 和某人换某物 没有 exchange sb with sth.这个短语

noun: exchange verb: exchange adjective: exchangeable adverb: none

exchange .for 意为“以换” 此句意为“用A来换B”

change one's mind改变某人的想法 change ……into……把……变成……

noun:exchange verb:exchange adjective:exchangeable adverb:none

应该是 exchange sth with sb 和某人换某物

有 和某人换某物

交换;调换;兑换[(+for/with)]I'd like to exchange some pounds for dollars. 我想把一些英镑兑换成美金.

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