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have difficulty in doing sth have trouble/problem doing sth It's trouble/difficulty in doing sth do sth with difficulty 做某事有困难 find difficulty doing sth 发现做某事有困难 sth be difficult for sb 做某事对某人有困难 怎么想就怎么说,意思到了就行,但不要语法错误哦,英语局限性也不是很多. 用hard tough 也行,意思相近.

1. have difficulty (in) doing sth have difficulty (in) doing sth 意为“做某事有困难”.2. habe trouble (in) doing sth have difficulty(in) doing sth做 某事有困难habe trouble (in) doing sth做某事有困难have bother(in) doing sth做某事费 劲3. have a

1、have a problem(in) doing sth 释义:做某事有困难 例句:But the states don't have a problem in setting their curriculum& they've been doing it ever since there've been public schools. 但各州在设置他们的必修课程上并不存在问题&即使公立学校

做某事有困难 Have difficulty in doing sth.

Have difficulty in doing sth.做某事有困难 做某事有困难 网络 have trouble doing sth; sth; have problem doing sth; have a hard time doing sth; have a difficult time doing sth

做某事遇到困难 可翻译为: have difficulties doing sth 例句: He had difficulties working out the problem.

have difficulty doing something

had better do sthit's the best for sb to do sth希望我的回答能够帮到你.如有疑问,欢迎追问.o(∩_∩)o

翻译成 Have difficulty in doing sth.

How difficult is it to do Sth

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