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和我一起吃还有EatWithMe是个网站 本质上是个社交网站,让人们一起吃饭、结交朋友.

选3eats with 用(餐具)吃;与(某人)一起吃

You and me eat with apples.记得给好评哦!


Eat bananas with me.


就是说被什么感动了或震撼了. 比如:i was touched by her kindness

Why don't you go out to eat with me? 希望楼主采纳

正是因为talk 是不及物动词,所以后面才加上介词with ,及物动词可以直接接宾语,不及物动词后需加上介词才能接宾语.

IT WAS HAPPY AISO FOR ME TO EAT WITH YOU.翻译:对我来说,与你一起吃饭也是很高兴的.

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