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either用于肯定句表示两者之一,neither用于否定句 either用于否定句时,“也” too 用于肯定句,“也”

对的,either..or ,neither..nor,too用于肯定句也

你好!either 用于否定句,意思是也,例如:They are not students. We are not students, either. / I am not a student,either. either是副词,没有复数,只有名词才有单复数.



too用于肯定句(词组)和疑问句,不用于否定句 My hat is new too.I,too,have been to Beijing.Too,you can find in China a friendly air.They got the work done well,and quickly too.either用于否定句(词组) My hat is new and isn't expensive either.You don't know either?A: Oh,it's raining. B: It isn't either(根本).

不一定 a. 1. (两者之中)任一的 You may go by either road. 你两条路都可以走. 2. (两者之中)每一方的;每一的 She studied history and philosophy, but she had little interest in either subject. 她学过历史和哲学,但对这两门课都没有多少兴趣

either与neither可用作形容词、代词、副词和连词等,它们的用法如下: 一、用作形容词.起定语作用,常放在单数名词前.either表示“这个或者那个”;neither表示“既非这个、也非那个,两者皆非的”.如: You may use either book.两本书

either表示“也”,用于否定句,本身不表示否定意义,所在句子中有否定词,例如I don't like apple either.我也不喜欢苹果.

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