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你好,为你的翻译如下:Please fold your clothes up before watching television.或者Please stack your clothes before watching tv.希望能帮到你~

玛丽你把衣服叠起来好吗Marie, do you fold up your clothes玛丽你把衣服叠起来好吗Marie, do you fold up your clothes

One day, I went to my classmate Li Ming'house.And I saw him do the chores.He clean the room.First,he swept the floor.Then he took out the trash.Next,he made his bed and fold his clothes.After lunch,he did the dishes for his mother.How helpful Li Ming was.



洗碗 铺床 叠衣服 倒垃圾 打扫客厅 修理坏了的门 喉咙痛 热蜂蜜茶 感觉良好 lying to rest go to the cinema Activity Survey as three or four times a week very good get the good marks who are the healthiest eat less meat as far as possible

clean the restroom 打扫厕所 mop the floor 拖地 clean out the closet 整理衣柜 clean the window 清洁窗户 buy the food 买食物 buy the daily necessities 购买日用品 wash the rice 洗米 clean the pot 洗锅 clean out the sundries 整理杂物 clean the table 收拾饭桌

wash fold

take out拿出来 make the bed整理床铺 sweep the floor扫地,清洁地面 fold your clothes叠衣服 clean the living room清理起居室(打扫) like to do sth. 喜欢干…… invite…t0邀请……到…… take care of / look after照顾 forget to do sth.忘记要去干…

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