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get out of here怎么读 在美音中这里的/t/音全部发成类似于/l/音.并且here中的/h/发的也没有那么清晰.连起来差不多是geloulofere →/ge'laulve/ (/h/可以稍微读出一点) get out of here 滚出去;滚开;从这儿出去;给我出去 双语例句1. " Let's

get out of here.很口语化的句子,意思是 滚开!离开这里!

get ^ out ^ of here “ ^ ”表示要连起来读.

可以这样表示.Get outta here. 重音在第二单词


您好:滚出去的双语对照词典结果:get out of[英][et aut v][美][t at v]vt.摆脱; 逃避; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Explore the world and get out of your comfort zone. 去探索世界吧,离开你的舒适地带.----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮


get out of 逃避;避免 英文解释及例句:PHRASAL VERB If you get out of doing something that you do not want to do, you succeed in avoiding doing it. 逃避 例:It's amazing what people will do to get out of paying taxes.人们为逃税所做之事令人吃惊.

别烦我gai te aote mai heier

get out of 有逃避、避免的意思 get sth out of 有把……从……拿出来的意思

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