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"Dear,look at me!I'm so fat!Oh,my god."nowerday,we always hear some boys and girls shout like that.Yeah,today,although childern,men and wonmen think it's a importent problem for themself.But in fact,it's so easy:first,you must keep sporting

eat/to keep 考察情态动词和不定式

because I want to keep fit.再看看别人怎么说的.

At first,you must keep sporting everyday.second,eat healthy food like vegetables,you can not eat too much meet if you really want to keep thin.The third,I afraid you'll can not believe,but it's reallyyou must sleep over 8 hours everyday,and you can't

自已手写,绝无雷同,给个采纳吧!Jack Bauer, you are my all the students the most lovely. You fat tootsmall, soft little stomach for uncle aunts love. But also because you fat,brought inconvenience to you, go downstairs, pant for breath, afraid of

第一句是因为两个动作need,drink出现在同一个句子中,后者采用了动词不定式的形式,俗称连动的动作或者用动词不定式形式,例如:want to do sth,类似的用法还有determine; learn; hope/ wish/ expect;agree; plan; pretend;dare; refuse; fail;


keep oneself relaxed . relaxed 用于人 relaxing 用于物

英文: Put an end to waste, from the start I 21 students are now the growing phenomenon of waste, there is no point saving awareness, waste is an undesirable phenomenon, it allows less and less of our resources, and there are not enough, but

身材刚好 fit 苗条 slender; slim 瘦的 fleshless; lean; scrawny; slim; thin 肥胖的 fubsy; porky; pursy; round; tubby;fat 火辣的 hot

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