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love in a box - the workday releaseit's easy to see how everything is looselyput into a box to describe howwell it is workingbut can you tell mehow did she knock me off of my feetwhen she said hellomy name is beautifuli said excuse me missbut it's

Hush-a-bye, baby, Daddy is near, Mammy's lady, And that's very clear. 不要吵,小宝宝, 爸爸陪你来睡觉; 妈妈不是男子汉, 这件事情你知道. 2. Hush-a-bye, baby, on the tree top, When the wind blows the cradle will rock; When the bough

请配合动作1、two little hands go, clap clap clap 两只小手拍拍拍 two little feet go, tap tap tap 两只小脚点点地 two little eyes are wide open 两只眼睛张大大 one little head goes from side to side 一个小头摇摇晃2、follow follow follow me 来来来,跟

1.火车是train轰隆隆, 飞机plane飞空中, 轮船ship水中行, taxi招手它就停.公车bus按站挺,单车bike真轻盈.轿车是car真舒服,motorcycle快又灵.2、兄弟叫做brother,姐妹叫做

JLS - One ShotShe's the kinda girl boys read aboutIn magazines, glossy magazinesShe is the only one I think aboutLeading lady in my dreamsHey I have waited so long,to gather up my courageShe has got me love drunk fumbling my wordsTimes

歌曲名:Time well spent歌手:Tom Felton专辑:Time Well SpentBy Feltbeats (aka Tom Felton)And I was woken by the thought in my head,“Time to see the world and get up out of this bed.”With feet to walk with and a little time to kill,I grab my

《Birthday》歌手:Katy Perry填词:Katy Perry/Lukasz Gottwald/Max Martin/Bonnie McKee/Henry Walter编曲: Dr. Luke/Max Martin/Cirkut所属专辑:《Prism》发行时间:2013-10-25I hurt your feeling, nothing's going bright 我伤了你的感情 发生

She's the kinda girl boys read about in magazines,glossy magazines她是我在杂志里读到的封面女郎,时尚的封面女郎She is the only one I think about,leading lady in my dreams她是我朝思暮想的唯一,梦想中的女主角Hey~I have waited so long,

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