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英文:i want you to get rich中文:我想让你致富很高兴为您解答祝你生活愉快,学习进步答题不易,您的采纳是我答题的动力如果你对这个答案有什么疑问,请追问如果满意记得采纳哦~~

together 的缩写:一起,共同,一块;山口

think think AHD:[thngk] D.J.[G!0k] K.K.[G!0k] v.(动词) thought[tht],thinks及物动词) To have or formulate in the mind.想:心里拥有或构思 To reason about or reflect on; ponder:思考:推理或反思;沉思:Think how complex

What is the meaning of the homeless? When you lose your home, or you don't have a home for living. What is the feeling in your heart? There is no warm feeling, hopeless, no place to stay.. There are a lot of people don't have a home to stay, why?

这个句子不正确 everyone gets richer and richer 的意思是 每个人都越来越富有

你好!变得富有,或从某方面得到财富(gets rich from)如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

Everyone is trying to get rich quick nowadays.现在每个人都想要尽快发财致富.He gave a quick answer to the teacher's question.他对老师的提问作出了迅速的回答.They are pressing us to make a quick decision.他们正在敦促我们迅速作出决定

no matter 后面接what when who 1. 词组no matter可独立成句,也可在句中担当成分.如: 1) No matter! 不要紧! 2) No matter, I'll go myself. 不碍事,我自个儿去. 3) No matter if they do not take this factor into consideration. 如果他们不考虑

get a sense of 网 络 得到的感觉 双语例句1. You can stroll along Qin - tai Road to get a sense of the old city. 你可以漫步琴台路,感受一下老成都的味道.2. Work gives people an identiny ; through participation in work, they get a sense of self and

instead读音:英 [n'sted];美 [n'sted] 一、意思:adv. 代替;反而 二、例句:I gave him advice instead of money.我给了他忠告,而不是钱.三、词汇用法/搭配:1、instead是副词,只能单独使用.基本意思是“代替”,可依据上下文灵活

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